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CNC Machining Workshop

China Sourcing & Manufacturing, we can customize all kinds of machining products by using cnc turning, cnc milling, cnc machining and so on.

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Stamping Workshop

China Sourcing & Manufacturing, we can customize all kinds of stamping products by using cnc punching, cnc stamping  and so on.  

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Die-Casting Workshop

China Sourcing & Manufacturing, we can customize all kinds of casting products by using sand casting, die-casting, lose wax casting and so on.  

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Current Location

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Tel: +86-21-69113081
Cell:+86-13771061662(Afer Xie)
Address:Room 202, No.33 Building, 1555 West JinShaJiang Rd., Shanghai, China  201803


1.Why do you need a sourcing company in China?

  • Because we can communicate with you(in English) and the factories(in Chinese) well.
  • Because we have experienced engineers that can ensure the production and the delivery time well.
  • Because we have a professional QC term that can ensure the quality well.
  • Because we have professional shipping agents that can send your goods by sea or air safely and efficiently.

2.How is the quality controlled?

  • We will communicate with the factory face to face to ensure that the factory has understood the quality requirements before production.
  • We will send samples for your checking before the mass production.
  • We will do in-process inspection.
  • We will do final inspection before we send you the goods.

3.Can you visit the factory?

  • Yes, you can. But before you visit the factory, we need you to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with us first.

4.What are the key services?

  • Providing professional quotation
  • Helping the clients to control the cost
  • Helping the clients to analyse the price
  • Controlling the quality in the processing
  • Controlling the production schedule(We provide a weekly report)
  • Helping the clients directly contact with the Chinese suppliers
  • Shipping the goods for the clients